A Squid Called Sebastian

« A Squid Called Sebastian (ASCS) was born in small town Belmont, Massachusetts where he was exposed to street culture and graffiti at a very young age. He was fascinated by it instantly though it was practically non existant in Belgium, where his family moved in 1989. There he and his family travelled a lot and he was able to see many classic renaissance and surrealist masterpieces.

As a child and as a teenager he was always to be found with a sketchbook and pencil in hand, so the choice to major in comic-book design was no surprise.

After graduating with honors he spent a short two year period in advertisement doing roughs and storyboards. This left him with an unsatisfied and unchallenged feeling. In 2010 he took his old job back in a nightclub, turned his back on advertising and decided to focus on his own vision and inspiration.

Six months later he organised his first solo show and started to school himself in execution of larger scale projects.

In 2011 he and two befriended musicians organised an art/music tour throughout Europe. The tour, 9000miles, was meant to reach out to artists and musicians in each city they passed.
Since then he has been selected for 5 group shows and painted walls in 10 different countries. »*

*Street art bio