2SHY aka Olivier Sujjkowski transposes the heritage of his graffiti culture to the mediums of the digital age. He explores a visual language oscillating between illustrations, graphic creations and handmade typographies. He evolves from one environment to another by alternating his artistic collaborations and diversifying his use of media. As a self-taught artist, his journey has always allowed him to become an illustrator in his own right, an immediately recognisable and novel representation of his various travels and encounters around the world. Both a passionate activist and caught in a maze of multiple twists and turns, 2SHY has been creating a vibrant, spontaneous and colourful universe for over a decade. He develops a powerful iconography and pioneer lettering by blending graffiti, childhood memories and the 2.0. revolution. His works are varied and his style has constantly changed over the years; however, he has remained faithful to pictorial form in both collective and more personal projects. From his intense murals to exhibits in gallery space, 2SHY’s work has built a bridge with the more institutional audience through various commissions such as the production of monumental paintings or the creation of artists’ visual identities and event projects. Via his various projects and travels, 2SHY continues to leave an imprint of the spirit of a generation, an uncomplicated style devoted to a pioneering aspiration which remains unspoiled.