Alice Pilastre

“In her designer’s and artistic research, Alice Pilastre draws from textile tradition the material she uses and reveals a whole new aspect, by challenging its codes and appropriating its tools. Through the repetitive gestures, a protocol arises, including stages of decomposing, restructuring, reversing, unthreading, and shredding.
The shredded wallpapers recall the memory of a place, a technical process, and a handcraft. This surface re-shaping is all about time, the actual time of confection, and the one that is passing. By revealing an unsuspected or disguised motif, the work, once it is completed finds in collective memory
and each’s personal story several interpretations.

Generally minutia supposes a tiny world, the size of a needle, of a thread. But it can also be transposed to a larger scale, stretching from micro to macro, reaching to an urban and social dimension. The artist allows unpredictability to provide the necessary poetry and lets life interfere.”*


*Cecile Vandernoot