Jinks Kunst

Jinks Kunst was born in Vevey in Switzerland in 1976. Influenced by the artistic talents of his grandfather Paul Urfer, who was a poet and an inventor, even appointed « Meilleur ouvrier de France »* as a ceramist artist. In the late 80’s, music and rap culture marks his life. Caught by Mode2’s visual published in the NoWay skate magazine and then the album cover of « Chromatique » from the Swiss group Sens Unik signed by Lazoo from the M.A.C. collective, he begins lettering graffiti. Since the early 2000’s, Jinks participate in exhibitions and events in France and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, England, United States…).

His productions are featured in several private collections and also in Nathalie Roger’s and Marie Eddo’s “Vitry Ville Street Art” (2013), in Brigitte Silhol’s and Nath Oxygène’s “Epsylon Point, Ma Gueule par Mes Potes” (2015), in “Nantes Insolite” (2015) published by Stéphane Pajot and “Street Art, Poésie Urbaine” (2015) by Sophie Pujas.

This multidisciplinary artist also skillfully deflects traffic signs with stickers that he cuts himself. In his world, donkeys are transformed into skate parks and the wrong way traffic signs becomes modern crucifixes. Jinks is also known for his plastician art skills. He creates the portrait of Nelson Mandela (1,4 x 1,5m) with Lego © pieces. As we commemorated the 20th anniversary of Serge Gainsbourg’s death, he gathers nearly 20,000 cigarette filters for a portait.