Kool Koor

“Former comrade-in-arms of Basquiat and Keith Haring, Charles Hargrove, alias Kool Koor, was born in New York in 1963 and is a pure product of the South Bronx. He is the son of painters and studied architecture and illustration, whilst developing a fascination with graffiti. Moving from walls to canvases, at 16 he exhibited at Fashion Moda, the first gallery to show an interest in artists from the Bronx. From there he crossed to the East Village and then to the Soho art scene. “Graffiti Connection”, “Graffiti Writer”: the spray paint artist Kool Koor is one of his generation’s most interesting representatives of “Tag”. He handles his aerosol sprays with eloquence, dispersing vivid colours with hints of fluorescent pink to create futuristic landscapes that are neither figurative nor abstract. Using his designs as a kind of writing language, Kool Koor paints his interpretation of the past, present and future, incorporating space travellers and his own calligraphy to project multi-dimensional images.”*