NovaDead, whose real name is Julien Crevaels, is a Belgian-Congolese artist. He is influenced by ancient African traditions and inspired by his childhood memories. His works are dominated by Equatorial fauna and flora. The artist is fascinated by the cosmos and the laws of the universe; he depicts his characters in a style that oscillates between the figurative and abstract. He creates mosaics that recreate matter in a static, crystallised and fragmented form.

His current theme captures the notion of the universal being, from all backgrounds and without borders. His works are mainly displayed in Europe and his mural ‘The Future is Europe’ takes pride of place on rue de la Loi in Brussels. His art can also be found in Paris, Antwerp, Eindhoven and other European cities. He is based in Brussels, where he has his studio, but also works abroad and has already completed murals in New York and Miami.