“Gaëtan came to Belgium at 10 years and has started graffiti and tags in 1992. He is now well-known and considered, finally working legally and promoting the graff in Brussels.

Gaëtan was born in the South of France, where the sun always shines and he landed in Brussels in 1985. After a while, inspired by the tags on the city’s walls, he began ‘writing’ like most of the street artists, which means tagging his signature all over the city. Afterwards, he made a start on colorful lettrings, always becoming bigger and bigger until real frescos. But Gaëtan was given a one year jail sentence and was fined up to several millions Belgian franc! But fortunately, an association rescued him! This story woke him up: he decided to build his career totally lawfully, painting on canvas and mirrors. In 2004, he founded Tarantino asbl, an association bringing more than 30 European street artists together and which sets up artistic events, promoting street art and graffiti.”*