Tarik Bouanani

Tarik Bouanani is a young artist who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lorient in France and the University of Antioquia de Medellín in Colombia.
The central themes in his work include the city, walking, photography and graffiti. He has been practising graffiti and street art for more than ten years and has developed an in-depth knowledge on this movement, both from a historical, social and artistic point of view. Graffiti is part of his artistic practice; it has transformed his vision of the world as well as his identity. Street art pushed him to confront the reality of the city as a whole: the urban space in perpetual mutation and its relationship with this increasingly prevalent art form. He has had a prolific career and has participated in several international graffiti and street art festivals in Colombia, Panama and France (Pictopia, Cinema-nomada and many more). He has also had the opportunity to work, on several occasions, as a guest artist in different organisations in France and abroad, providing graffiti, street art and drawing courses. His most significant project to date is the creation, alongside his Franco-Colombian collective “A COLOR PINTA”, of the largest mural in a favelas of Medellin in Colombia.