Make us young!

50.847484, 4.353001

Petite rue des Bouchers | Korte Beenhouwersstraat X Rue Marché aux Herbes | Grasmarkt
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.847484
lng : 4.353001


Update: 06/03/2018

“To celebrate the EU Council Presidency and its 100th birthday, Estonia is gifting a present to Brussels. Artworks combining street art and digital technologies are giving a new life to several colourful characters from a century ago, building a bridge between the past and the present.
At first glance, positioned as observers on the streets of a foreign country, they invite passersby to get to know them better via smartphones and tablets.
It’s a novel concept of public space art designed by Edward von Lõngus and the art platform that, through creative technologies and humour, tells a story that all Europeans are part of. Dressed to impress and equipped with props from their own era, the time travellers are happy to make friends with passersby.”*


This project is carried out in collaboration with the City of Brussels.

Augmented reality technology wakes the characters to life. To experience it, simply download the augmented reality mobile application from, scan the image onto your phone and watch it come alive!