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Boulevard Albert II – Boulevard Baudouin – Chaussée d’Anvers
Albert-II-laan - Boudewijnlaan - Antwerpsesteenweeg
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.856472
lng : 4.354947


Befimmo, an organisation committed to the revitalisation and constant evolution of the North district, in particular through the UP4NORTH association, is at the initiative of this artistic project and STUDIO GONDO which coordinates it.

As part of its project to build the Quatuor building, Befimmo is offering a carte blanche to 4 artists from various disciplines to create an artistic work on the palisade of its site.

Installed for a period of 2 years, the palisade – more than 120 metres long on the Baudouin axis – is an exceptional opportunity to engage in a positive dialogue with the district through artistic projects. Celeste Gangolphe’s work follows the one created by the artist Arnaud Kool and will be offered to the city for a period of 6 months (September 2019), before being replaced by a new artist’s proposal.

During this period, the artist will propose a colourful, poetic and symbolic vision of the future of the district. “I wanted to highlight the importance of the coexistence between humans and their environment within the city,” says Celeste Gangolphe. “My proposal is to make passers-by travel to the limit of dream and reality in the company of inspiring giants who will inhabit the palisade.

The artist plans the progressive implementation of various installations around the construction site. These include the creation of several frescoes on the sides of the palisade located on Avenue Albert II, Chaussée d’Anvers and Boulevard Baudouin.

Source : press release – 15/04/2019 « A construction site in dialogue with its environment by means of art : Part 2 » – https://www.befimmo.be/fr/news/un-chantier-en-interaction-avec-son-environnement-travers-lart-episode-2