Amandine Levy // Le Tour de France

50.848176, 4.337301

Boulevard de l'Abattoir 50 Slachthuislaan
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.848176
lng : 4.337301


Name of the fresco
Le Tour de France
Boulevard de l’Abattoir 50 Slachthuislaan – 1000 Brussels
Date of completion

This expansive composition covers three walls. With a height of 24 m, and approximate width of 14 m, these unusual walls form the ideal canvas to show this monumental work. On 6 and 7 July 2019, Brussels hosts two stages of the Tour de France. It is natural that PARCOURS Street Art should celebrate this legendary cycle race through art.

Amandine Levy presents a work composed of a multitude of elements featuring, amongst others, two cyclists that have left their mark on the history of the sport: Eddy Merckx, quintuple champion of the Tour de France, and Yvonne Reynders, the Belgian cyclist who won a dozen championships in the 1960s.

The background of the fresco is made up of dynamic lines that evoke speed and mountainous coastlines. The figures mostly present rather striking contrasts. The main colours are yellow (referencing the ‘maillot jaune’), orange, and blue. More technical motifs are also included, recalling the mechanical aspect of the bicycle, all of which also evinces a vintage spirit in its treatment.