La parabole du bon berger

Rue des Renards 38-40 Vossenstraat
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.836817
lng : 4.348284


| by Farm Prod

Update: 06/04/2020

To mark the 450th anniversary of the death of the painter Pieter Bruegel.

“The Parable of the Good Shepherd” (engraving)

“We chose to work on a detail of the engraving depicting the shepherd with a sheep on his back. The idea is to transpose the shepherd’s pose with a fox on his back. This central character of the fresco refers directly to the Rue des Renards (foxes) in which the fresco has been produced. It is also a nod to this rather lively neighbourhood populated by bars and a fun-loving population. The shepherd is watching over you. From a rendering point of view, we blend styles between realistic depiction, Bruegel-like backdrops and contemporary motifs. It’s another way to express the cosmopolitan side of the neighbourhood.”

Farm Prod