Le dénicheur & Orgueil

Rue du Miroir 3-7 Spiegelstraat
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.840396
lng : 4.346943


| by Les Crayons

Update: 07/04/2020

To mark the 450th anniversary of the death of the painter Pieter Bruegel.

“The Peasant and the Nest-Robber” (painting) and “Pride” and other creatures from different engravings (engraving)

“The idea is to have a foreground composed of a tangle of characters from the paintings “The Triumph of Death”, “Juno in the Underworld” as well as certain engravings including “Envy” “Last judgment” and “Pride”.
A kind of condensing of the chimeras, Bruegel’s “pariahs”. The subjects are rather “lugubrious” but are treated with a certain bonhomie.

This cataplasm is heading towards a tree on the left wall. This tree, in which a “character” is hung, is taken from the painting “The Peasant and the Nest-Robber”, whose exact meaning is the subject of debate, which I like.”

Les crayons