3ttman // Les Herbes Folles

Fresco – 496 Rue de Verdun, 1130 Brussels (Haren).

3ttman was invited to take part by the All About Things collective. For this fresco, 3ttman was inspired by the gardens near the wall. It’s a sort of freeze-frame of all the grasses and flowers growing wild by the side of the path. His work highlights the diversity of nature, which inspires him to create numerous motifs and forms. This fresco is a suggestion to enjoy life and take the time to appreciate even the smallest details that we encounter on a daily basis, especially when these are provided by nature.

The artist will create the fresco between the 16th and 24th September.

The inauguration will take place at 4pm on 22nd September 2023 at 496 Rue de Verdun, 1130 Brussels (Haren).

About the artist

Louis Lambert, aka 3ttman or, in case you were wondering how it’s pronounced, Trois Têtes Man, is an artist who is omnipresent on the contemporary urban art scene in Madrid. He has forged an aesthetic that combines the punk heritage of graffiti. His artistic identity is influenced by vernacular and religious folk art. Working on a variety of surfaces (from billboards to self-compacting concrete) and using a range of techniques (from ceramics to mosaics), Lambert’s work intentionally blurs the boundaries between art and craft, challenging prevailing ideas of ‘good’ practice in both the fine art and public art worlds.

About All About Things

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of PARCOURS Street Art, the City of Brussels has commissioned four artistic projects from the Belgian curatorial collective All About Things.  Bjorn Van Poucke and Thierry Dubois are the brains behind All About Things. Together, they organise and curate cultural projects for local government. The duo matches talented artists with diverse urban territories. Thanks to the participation of local residents, All About Things develops artistic projects that strengthen communities and contribute to the quality of everyday life for everyone. The collective is also behind The Crystal Ship street art festival in Ostend.

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