For 10 years now, the City of Brussels Culture Service has been backing urban art projects in public spaces.

The project was launched by the Aldermanship for Culture, who announced its intention to develop and support Street Art in Brussels. Since this initiative began, over 150 projects have been created on the walls of the City of Brussels!

As well as being a fully fledged open-air museum, PARCOURS Street Art’s campaigns embody concrete values:

  • Decentralisation: Works of art spread throughout Brussels;
  • Accessibility: There are no prerequisites for accessing the works;
  • Support for employment in the arts: Fair pay and genuine professional recognition for artists’ work.

The art projects supported by PARCOURS Street Art can take many forms and are primarily the result of artist commissions, partnerships with non-profit organisations or spontaneous proposals from artists.

In addition to the works produced as part of PARCOURS Street Art, various activities, workshops and partnerships are being organised with associations and schools to give everyone a chance to understand the challenges of open-air art in Brussels.