Welcome to the website of PARCOURS Street Art of the City of Brussels. You will discover all the frescoes produced or co-produced by the PARCOURS in our municipality (postcodes: 1000, 1020, 1120 and 1130). But also information on the artists, collectives, descriptions of the works, our calls for projects or to the owners as well as thematic or geographical routes.


We have created for you a series of thematic or geographical routes.

Marolles route

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Women’s Street Art

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Each spray-paint can marks the location of a fresco of the COURSE, by clicking on it you will discover a preview of the work. To know more about the fresco (artist or collective, location, description and photos) click on the image. To reach the fresco click on the GO.


Here you will find the latest news about the WALKSHOP: new projects, inaugurations, ...