Route in the city

Jaune // Contre vents et marées © Eric Danhier

Parcours Saint-Catherine

30-minute walk around Sainte-Catherine.

10ème Arte // Tunnel Van der Weyden © Eric Danhier

Brussels route from top to bottom

One-hour walking tour.

Jadranka Lacković // No Borders © Eric Danhier

Women in Street Art

A 30-minute walk to the center of Brussels.

Marolles route

Discover the Marolles district from a new angle! This walking tour highlights a multitude of frescoes from the PARCOURS Street Art in the Marolles district, from the great Bruegel interpreted by graffiti artists to the tunnels coloured by street artists. Duration of the walking tour: 2 hours

100 ans de vies “communes”

Hell'o Monster // CCB Tower © Eric Danhier

Parcours Laeken

PARCOURS Laeken, approx. 1h on foot, can be done by bike, discovery of the Laeken district, route with many frescoes.  

Les crayons // Le dénicheur & Orgueil © Eric Danhier

Parcours Bruegel, together with the Brussels collective Farm Prod and with the support of the City of Brussels, has developed a “PARCOURS Street Art” tour honouring the great Flemish master Pieter Bruegel in the heart of the capital. No less than 11 frescoes now adorn a number of facades in the Marolles district.  

LaetiCNN199, Nadia, Michelle Shiyu Chen, Chelove // La Belle Hip Hop © Eric Danhier

PARCOURS Street Art around the Grand-Place

Discover part of the Street Art PARCOURS around the Grand-Place during a 40-minute walk.