Alexis Corrand

Born in Paris in 1977, Alexis Corrand was quick to show an aptitude for imaginative drawing that he has honed over the years. He has acquired specific skills in the field of design and digital technology through a variety of training courses, but mainly on a self-taught basis. He derives the greatest satisfaction from his curiosity for experimentation and his insatiable thirst for learning, both through others and self-knowledge. It was through his aunt, artist Charlotte Derain, that he discovered various techniques before ultimately deciding to devote himself to graffiti by joining the French graffiti team MACrew in Paris. At the end of 2010, he moved to Brussels to join the Farm Prod crew, where he stands out for his talent as a portrait painter. His way of looking at people, his attention to the other, the anonymous, bears witness to a very personal way of understanding the world.