Cita Sadeli, also known as MISS CHELOVE, is a freelance art director, muralist, designer and illustrator based in Washington DC. She is the former co-founder of the art and interactive agency Protein Media. MISS CHELOVE’s creative output is inspired by her multicultural background, rooted in the tropical mysticism of Java, Indonesia, and her formative years on the punk and graffiti-covered streets of 80s/90s Washington DC. The artist combines local and biographical narrative with the tools and methods of graffiti and street art to construct her murals. She is keen to showcase powerful women of colour, nature, indigenous cultures, the vibrant subcultures of fashion, music and the street, and the issues affecting society and the environment. Cita Sadeli’s work generally encourages the viewer to examine the past, the roots and origins of a place or culture, and their relationship to our future.