François Tusséki

François Tusséki was born from the union between a can of spray paint and a lock of Tintin-esque hair! Having learned to draw at a very young age, thanks to the boredom brought about by certain classes at school, Tusséki early works can be found on some Egyptian bas-reliefs estimated to date back to long before Christ. The margins of his notebooks and the desks he frequented at the time bear witness to this fact! But his love of vandalism soon led him to deface the school backboards that framed his academic surroundings. After his works found their way onto the wallpaper at IHECS, an agreement was reached with the management: he would be awarded his master’s degree in Advertising if he promised not to cover the walls of the establishment with drawings deemed too avant-garde for the parents of potential future students who had come to discover whether the college was a suitable academic environment. The precise terms of the agreement have not yet been made public! After becoming a freelance illustrator, he worked for different brands. (Carhartt and Spacesheep, among others) and various media, including Landscape magazine and the Plug RTL TV channel. He will also participate in the design and development of logos for Brussels start-up companies such as Caniche Royal, Onzeimmo or Walkin Thai.