Fouad Hachmi aka HMI is a multi-talented Brussels artist – he is a painter, graffiti artist, cartoonist, etc. As one of the pioneers of Belgian graffiti, he joined the Hip Hop collective CNN199 early in his artistic career.

The artist’s success has spread beyond the Belgian borders. He has notably participated in the Délit2Fuite exhibition (Belgium), the Festa2H Festival (Senegal), the Matissa Festival (Morocco), the Festival Theater aan Zee (Belgium) and many more events. He has also created numerous murals, in particular at the IAM studio (France) and the Espace Magh (Belgium).

In 2013, he exhibited in the White&Art gallery, which marked a turning point in his career. His character L’Araignée au Plafond (The Spider in the Ceiling) showcased his latest artistic expression – press cartooning.

2015 was also another pivotal year for the artist. He embarked on a major international tour on the subject of Graffiti.