Jef Aérosol

Jef Aérosol was born in Nantes in 1957. He is considered as one of the pioneers of stencil art.

His works mainly portray famous people such as Gandhi, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix and Audrey Hepburn.

However, he also makes stencils of anonymous people he meets on the streets.

His work can be seen in numerous exhibitions, festivals, contemporary art fairs, public sales and international events; he is also represented by several galleries in France and abroad.

From Nantes to the Chinese Wall, this artist’s stencils can be found all over the world in various sizes and shapes.

Although the stencil technique is very popular and widely used, Jef’s works are recognisable by a red arrow and serves as the artist’s second signature.

Appearing in the mid-1980s (although, it does not appear on his early work), this arrow became increasingly used in Jef’s work until it became his trademark.

Jef Aérosol