Les Crayons

Les Crayons is a group, a pretext, a universe, a funnel, a willingness, a desire, a hybrid form that is located at the intersection of an object and a name, a word, a play on letters: “Créons” (Let’s create). From this alias which looks like a slogan, a humble simplicity, flows a philosophy that aims to encourage creation.

An image relayed at the beginning, wrongly and athwart, on the walls of the city considering the object itself, the pencil, but which, in successive and persistent waves, is relayed in multiple forms and propositions.

Les Crayons is a collective of Belgian artists who, it is true, take over the street as their main stomping ground, but are equally passionate about innovative experiments that build bridges with citizens by, for example, questioning the medium, the authenticity, the accuracy of the subject, the way of presenting a work that, let us not forget, finds its genesis in clandestine activity.