Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez was born in 1973 into a Spanish family but grew up in Brussels. At the age of 15, he began his career in the streets, painting and also playing music with his group De Puta Madre. The artist quickly established himself on the Belgian scene and became a pillar of urban culture.

From 2003 to 2013 the Belgian-Spanish artist worked on the “La Voyoucratie” project, a series of portraits representing different types of rouge elements throughout Europe. During this period, he began to exhibit in galleries with “One Million Murders” (Alice Gallery) and ended with “G.I.P.SY / Graffiti Is Probably Scaring You” (Speerstra Gallery). His art goes beyond the boundaries of painting and music – from 2013, Sozyone also embraces comics and began the “Enemies” project with Jaba Mathieu. This intergalactic graphic novel will be entirely written and directed by the two artists.

Sozyone is a multi-talented artist blessed with an endless imagination. In 2015, he showcased “The End of the Empire” and plunged his audience into a dark universe, under tension where characters empty of feelings inhabit a metropolis waiting for disaster.

The artist took inspiration from childhood memories – haunted by death, against the backdrop of a nuclear disaster or volcanic explosion: the imagination of a child growing into the talent of an adult.

The Brussels style is an ingenious mix of primary colours and stylised shapes, with characters that are sometimes realistic and sometimes imaginary. Sozyone’s art is powerful, charismatic and stands out from others owing to its hypnotic forms that are notable as a result of their electric colours.