Isaac Cordal // Cement Eclipses

Artistic interventions – Scattered across public spaces throughout Brussels and Laeken – keep your eyes peeled!

Cement Eclipses brings together a dozen miniature sculptures, each around fifteen centimetres tall. This public installation is the work of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal. The resin-sculpted human figures trace a route through the City of Brussels, both within the city centre itself and in Laeken. The artist arranges them high off the ground, on ledges, lighting cables, windows, etc. Isaac Cordal has been invited back to renew his 2017 contribution.

The inauguration will be held at 4pm on 5th October 2023 at Avenue de la Cité Modèle, 1020 Brussels (Laeken).

About the artist

Isaac Cordal (Pontevedra, 1974) works with sculptures, installations and photographs in public spaces and exhibitions.
His work has been influenced by the places he has lived, such as London and Brussels. He currently lives in Bilbao. One of his best-known works is the nomadic Cement Eclipses project, which consists of ephemeral and permanent urban interventions constructed out of small figurative sculptures which he uses to reflect on modern society. He has worked with the same stereotypical character from the outset: a middle-aged, balding man, in uniform and wearing a grey suit. Public space plays a key role, as the chosen location is a fundamental element in his work.

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