Nora Juncker and Manon Brûlé // Girls Make the City

Fresco – Rue de la Chapelle 5-17, 1000 Brussels

Girls Make The City is an initiative of the non-profit organizations ZIJkant (BE) and Wetopia (INT), supported by the City of Brussels, which raises awareness and promotes the place of women and girls in public space.

With Girls Make The City, ZIJkant and Wetopia gave young women the task of thinking about how the potential of the neighborhood and of the girls themselves could make the place more lively and enjoyable. The participants come from six different organizations (Habitat & Rénovation, Le Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles, Les Mèrolutionnaires, La Patinerie, BX’elles en le collège Sint-Jan Berchmans). They live in the neighborhood, come here to (roller)skate or pass through on their way to school.

One of their proposals was to denounce street harassment via this Wall of Truth. On this fresco, they share their experiences and call men to order. The Wall of Truths is a way of making micro-aggression in the street visible and enabling women and girls to claim their place in the city, as well as creating a space for awareness-raising and dialogue.

The mural was co-created by Girls Make The City and artists Nora Juncker and Manon Brûlé.

A QR code gives passers-by access to bilingual episodes of the Girls Make The City podcast (produced by Elena Dikomitis), which lets them discover the neighborhood through the eyes of its diverse residents.

The artists will be creating the fresco between the 11th and 16th September.

The inauguration will take place at 4 pm on the 20th September 2023 at 5-17 Rue de la Chapelle, 1000 Brussels.

About the artists

A native of the Ariège mountains, Manon Brûlé studied and graduated from the Poitiers School of Fine Arts in 2008 and from the La Cambre cinema animation workshop in Brussels in 2012. She has lived and worked in Brussels since 2009. Her colourful world tells of her passion for people and movement. In it, she recounts her curiosity for the joyous world of the macabre and her love of Mexico. She works both on small-scale gouaches and on large-scale frescoes. A keen builder and DIY enthusiast, she and her twin sister Sarah Brûlé create giant puppets, costumes and installations. As a member of theTAS D’OScollective, she also participates in the production of the eventDía de Muertos in Les Marolles.

Nora Juncker is a multi-disciplinary artist who juggles her different practices: mural painting, illustration and animation. A 2010 cinema animation graduate from La Cambre School of Visual Arts, she has a solid grounding in the arts, particularly with regards to images in their most varied forms. Her work is exhibited in Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands, notably thanks to the Chalk Custom Board Project collective, of which she was a member from 2016 to 2020. Nora’s passion for mural art is not limited to artistic creation. She firmly believes in the power of art to unite communities and spark meaningful conversations. She is actively involved in collaborative projects with other artists and also works with local organisations to promote art in neighbourhoods. From an early age, she has been fascinated by nature and the diversity of its forms. Inspired by the curves of plants, flowers and animals, she has developed an artistic approach that captures the essence of organic life. Her murals are bursting with dynamic energy and vibrant vitality. The aim of these frescoes is to inspire and amaze, bringing a touch of beauty and reverie to urban spaces.

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