ENCQ // Greta Thunberg

50.854024, 4.347966

Cité du Sureau 20 Vlierwijk
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.854024
lng : 4.347966


Name of the fresco
Greta Thunberg
Cité du Sureau 20 Vlierwijk – 1000 Brussels
Date of completion
Beguinage – Dixmude

Greta Thunberg. An emblematic figure representing a new attitude towards the concept of globalisation. A showdown between two generations and two realities; young people standing up to their elders in a fight for a world in which wealth is no longer counted in petrodollars. In a climate of insecurity, these young people are being given what they do not want. They cannot refuse it, but they want to and have to change it. Greta, on a dirty façade blackened by decades of exposure to hydrocarbons. The plaits of an evocative childhood. The serious, determined look of an adult in the making. A window open onto a new way of thinking. Eyes turned towards a way out of the impasse.