Martha Cooper & Nika Kramer // Exhibition

Exhibition – 20/09 > 08/10 – La Mercerie, 70 rue Van Artevelde, 1000 Brussels

Evolution of a Revolution

Martha Cooper, the American photographer and photojournalist who documented the burgeoning graffiti scene in New York in the 1970s and 1980s, and Nika Kramer, a German photographer who has been covering the hip-hop scene since 2010, need no introduction. To mark the occasion, many of their photographs will be on show at an exhibition at La Mercerie, 70 Rue Van Artevelde, for three weeks.

The preview will take place at 7pm on 20th September at La Mercerie, 70 rue Van Artevelde, 1000 Brussels.

Opening Hours : 

Thurday & friday- 6pm > 10pm

Saterday & sunday – 2pm > 10pm

About the artists

Martha Cooper was born in Baltimore (USA) in 1942. In 1980, she retired as a photographer from the New York Post to devote herself entirely to photographing the emerging hip-hop and graffiti scene in New York, particularly in the Bronx. She succeeded in gaining acceptance in the community and met some of its greatest artists: Run DMC, Seen, Futura 2000, etc. In 1984, she and photographer Henry Chalfant published the book Subway Art, considered to be the bible of the golden age of New York graffiti. Even today, it is one of the true witnesses to the emergence of these cultures.

Nika Kramer‘s roots lie in the Hip Hop scene, which is why she specialises in B-Boy/B-Girl photography. After organising numerous events for the scene and working on two hip-hop themed books as an editor/writer alongside legendary New York hip-hop photographer Martha Cooper, she began working as a photographer herself in 2010. Today, she travels the world photographing sports, culture, music and street art.