2Shy & Miles © Eric Danhier


2Shy, Miles


Rue des Tanneurs | Huidevettersstraat
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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2SHY and MILES have joined forces to take over the Tanneur tunnel. The work draws inspiration from the neighbourhoods in which it is set: Marolles and Anneessens. Two areas renowned for their multiculturalism and graffiti culture. The work is presented in the form of a draughts board in which each square plays host to an element, real or imaginary, related to the urban environment of the tunnel. The highly talented 2SHY, a calligrapher by training as well as being self-taught, unleashes his highly colourful imagination to create a world populated by a variety of shapes, both animal and non-animal. He has joined forces with MILES, an exceptional letterer, for this extraordinary project. Passionate about the art of letter tracing, MILES has brought this ancient discipline, which demands patience and precision, into the modern day. The result of this artistic collaboration is a feast for the eyes of passers-by, from square to square, motif to motif, in a generous display of colour. The duo is one of the winners of the call for projects launched in June 2018 for the creation of an artwork on three tunnels of the Jonction Nord-Midi.