Adrien Roubens // Walking

Adrien Roubens //

Adrien Roubens // Walking


Adrien Roubens


Place A. Van Gehuchten 4 A. Van Gehuchtenplein
1020 Brussels (Laeken)

Date de réalisation


1020 Laken


Fresco for the Brugmann University Hospital Centenary. It can be seen in a space dedicated to carers and patients, to make it more welcoming, creative and poetic for all those who come into contact with them on a daily basis.
Inspired by the organic forms found in nature, this fresco invites you to take a break in the midst of abstract vegetation. Scrolls cover the entire walls and ceilings. Crossing this passageway suggests a dream, like a plunge into soothing blues: cobalt and indigo.