Anthea Missy // Women Bike The City

Anthea Missy // Women Bike The City © Anaëlle Antoine

Anthea Missy // Women Bike The City


Anthea Missy


Avenue Richard Neybergh 1 Richard Neyberghlaan
1020 Brussels

Date de réalisation


1020 Laken


This fresco by the artist Anthea Missy was created as part of “Women bike the city”, an initiative of the non-profit organisation zij-kant, which works for gender equality. The genesis of the project is based on an observation: according to the Bicycle Observatory, women represented only a third (36%) of cyclists in Brussels in 2019. It is true that female cyclists encounter a lot of obstacles when they want to ride. However, the bicycle is more than ever a symbol of freedom and emancipation. “The bicycle did more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”, said suffragette Susan B. Anthony already in 1880. Anthea Missy wanted to represent the little girl who slumbers as a woman in a cosmic universe, inspired by cultural references from the 1980s to the present day, and who takes flight thanks to the feeling of freedom that one feels on a bicycle, hair in the wind.

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