Céleste Gangolphe, Florianne Mandin & Mathieu Mary // Between Help

Céleste Gangolphe, Florianne Mandin & Mathieu Mary // Entre Aide © Eric Danhier

Céleste Gangolphe, Florianne Mandin & Mathieu Mary // Between Help


Rue de l'Abricotier 11 Abrikozeboomstraat
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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This 20-metre-high work of art was driven by three values: solidarity, expertise and humility.
It is a story of women and men who, during the pandemic, stood shoulder to shoulder and remained united in spite of the difficulties. Skills and know-how were mixed and reinvented, regardless of the standing and duties of each and every person. People were able to call upon each other for help. The teams were re-structured to create new ones and a balance was established where each profession, each skill-set proved invaluable and offered a degree of complementarity. The artists wanted to showcase this notion of sharing, complementarity, professionalism and complicity that was fostered between all these people. To achieve this goal, the idea behind this mural was to unite the women and men who all work in the healthcare environment as well as CPAS (The Public Centre for Social Welfare) and other front-line services. The artists did not want to add scenery or text. Human figures are not the main subjects of this mural, they were also the main players during the coronavirus pandemic. The mural was conceived as a collage, with each shape interwoven into a whole. And while the theme of the mural revolves around this unprecedented health crisis, the aim is not to create a work that is heavy with emption, but rather to highlight the solidarity and benevolence that took place during this period.