ENCQ // Greta Thunberg

ENCQ // Greta Thunberg




Cité du Sureau 20 Vlierwijk
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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This fresco was created in 2019 by artist ENCQ. It is a gigantic portrait of Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist committed to the fight against global warming. This portrait, painted onto one of the walls at number 20, Cité du Sureau, can also be viewed as symbolic of a new attitude to the concept of globalisation. For the artist, the choice of wall was important: the façade, dirtied and blackened by exposure to hydrocarbons, contrasts with the symbol enclosed in the portrait of this young environmentalist. With a serious, determined look, a socially engaged portrait such as this takes on its full meaning in the public arena.