FSTN // Annie Cordy

FSTN // Annie Cordy




Parvis Notre Dame 374 Onze-Lieve-Vrouwvoorplein
1020 Brussels

Date de réalisation


Annie Cordy joins the PARCOURS Street Art ! the singer and actress from Laeken was honored by the artist Pierre Coubeau alias FSTN.  This is already FSTN’s second production for the PARCOURS, which departs from its usual codes for the realization of this portrait. Always as realistic, and executed with a sense of precision of which only he knows the secret, the artist immortalized the legend. His trademark, the black and white design, has been enhanced with touches of colour that echo the playful character of the famous singer.  The fresco was created on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of TATA YOYO.  The park of the former Laeken railway station was also renamed in the name of the famous singer. A beautiful tribute for this great lady of the Belgian show scene.