Rue Léopold | Leopoldstraat
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1000 Brussel

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Young Brussels-based artist FSTN (pronounced ‘Fiston’) has been invited to create a fresco for the “REVLT!” (pronounced “revolt”) exhibition. Organised by non-profit 3 Miles Up and Studio Gondo, “REVLT!” features 35 works by Belgian artists expressing their opposition to the world around them. The exhibition is part of the “2018, Year of Protest” programme launched to mark the 50th anniversary of May 1968. The piece exhibited by FSTN can be seen from the entrance to the exhibition on rue Léopold. The artist has created a mysterious fresco of extraordinary proportions for the occasion. This is the artist’s first contribution to the PARCOURS Street Art exhibition. “The creation of this fresco, at the request of the City, gives the artist a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with the general public, and to extend one of the exhibition’s themes beyond its walls,” explains Gilles Parmentier, organiser of the exhibition.