Jana // Up!

Jana // Up! © Eric Danhier

Jana // Up!


Rue Vanderhaegen | Vanderhaegenstraat
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Up! is a mural painted by the Serbian artist Jana Danilović as part of the Balkan Trafik festival organised by the 1001 valises non-profit organisation. The work is inspired by and based on universally recognisable symbols and themes. Birds are used as the main motif, symbolising freedom. Swallows, in particular, are affectionate, peaceful and playful creatures. Despite their apparent frailty, they are capable of flying thousands of kilometres. The background of the mural has been created through the interplay of surfaces and coloured patterns which provide rhythm to the work, making it dynamic and playful. The pale blue surfaces represent the sky, another universal symbol – it is both limitless and filled with hope.
This work was designed to give a new lease of life to the façade it covers. The mural delivers a stimulating metaphorical message: despite human appearances and however small and fragile, an individual can fulfil their dreams – the sky’s the limit!

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