Kim Demane // Omatiks

Kim Demane // Omatiks © Herman Sleebus

Kim Demane // Omatiks


Kim Demane


Rue Albert | Albertstraat X
Rue Palais Outre-ponts | Paleizenstraat over de Bruggen
1020 Brussels

Date of completion


1020 Laken

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Omatiks was created by artist Kim Demane. Generally speaking, Kim Demane’s interests lie in the landscape, surroundings and context of the place in which he creates his works. This work spans three different walls in Laeken, either partially or in their entirety. His world is fantasy based, but always contains hints as to the source of his inspiration. In the composition of this work, there is no denying the nod to the Atomium, located not far from the fresco. Here, the balls are loose, as if levitating. The artist has chosen to cover certain parts of the other walls, thus creating a form of narrative. The porthole at the top of the composition opens onto Kim Demane’s world: surreal and comical.