L’Atlas // I just write my name

L’Atlas // I just write my name © Eric Danhier

L’Atlas // I just write my name




CENTRALE for contemporary Art
Place Sainte-Catherine 44 Sint-Katelijnplein
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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This fresco by the artist L’ATLAS was created in September 2013. It covers the outside wall (15 x 5 m) of the CENTRALE, the City of Brussels’ contemporary art centre. The fresco features the artist’s name transcribed in a unique style that is very personal to him. Designed specifically for the venue, the work is inspired by the artist’s customary ancestral Arabic calligraphy, reflecting the cultural diversity of Brussels. The omnipresent red in the artist’s composition inevitably echoes the front door of the CENTRALE.


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