Lucile van Laecken // 9 Visions of Brussels

Lucile van Laecken // 9 Visions of Brussels © Eric Danhier

Lucile van Laecken // 9 Visions of Brussels


Rue du Marché aux Poulets | Kiekenmarkt
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


Lucile Van Laecken is one of the nine winners of the “9 visions” call for projects. Launched in 2018, this call for projects brought together nine artists and focused on a specific theme. The 30 metres of fences, located on the rue du Marché aux Poulets and, in part, surrounding the future administrative centre of the City of Brussels, are the canvas on which the artists have a small space to express themselves on the theme “BXL bouge pour vous, avec vous et grâce à vous” (BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you). The aim is to showcase Brussels as a creative, vibrant city that is constantly evolving – a city that is embracing modernity; a smart city.

The topics displayed in Lucile’s mural are technology, fun, sociability and local consumption. A discussion around a table, connected passers-by, people coming back from the market, a person on an electric scooter, a drone and its pilot, several window boxes adorning windows, solar panels and WiFi antennas, etc. This is his vision of Brussels, a creative city that is evolving with the times. The Rue du marché aux poulets is a lively and bustling street. The artist has chosen to represent the passers-by in the form of chickens, in reference to the name of the street. “Roule, ma poule !” is the perfect invitation to join an on-going dynamic movement. Lucile’s objective is to call out to passers-by, inviting them to observe for a moment what is going on around them; to make them smile in order to brighten up daily life and to bring the community together around the same passion – art.