Mr Doodle // Doodling

Mr Doodle // Doodling © Eric Danhier

Mr Doodle // Doodling


Mr. Doodle


Institut | Institut Anneessens-Funck
Rue de la Grande-Ile 10 Groot Eiland
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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English artist Mr Doodle has created a 40 m² work of urban art on a wall of the Institut Anneessens-Funck, located at 46 rue de la Grande Ile. This fresco is the result of the call for projects launched in May 2017 by the City in collaboration with the Institute, within the framework of PARCOURS Street Art.

Renowned for his seamless black stroke on white background and his splashes of colour, Mr Doodle has designed a fresco representing education, learning and the pupils themselves for the 40 m² of blank wall at the Anneessens-Funck Institute. Two other works have already been created in the district, in 2015 and 2016, at the City’s behest: one on the wall of the Riches-Claires cultural centre and the other in rue de l’Eclipse. This work was produced in collaboration with Treepack.