Obêtre // La Bellone

Obêtre // La Bellone © Eric Danhier

Obêtre // La Bellone




Rue de Flandre 46 Vlaamsesteenweg
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Obêtre creates wood sculptures inspired by architectural elements in the environment in which they are located: graffitectures. These technical installations generally consist of several colours (in natural and painted wood) and are composed of narrow beams. Here, the terrace of La Bellone provided inspiration for this second collaboration with PARCOURS Street Art. For this project, Obêtre used Douglas fir wood, untreated and planed down in places. The structure presents different colours that confer volume and contrast upon the work. The configuration of the various elements, as well as the colours used, give an overall sensation of speed and deconstruction. The work as a whole forms the shape of the logo of the La Bellone exhibition and events centre.