The first date

Oli-B// The first date

The first date




Rue du Tocsin | Stromklokstraat X
Rue Jenneval | Jennevalstraat
1000 Brussels

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The colourful fresco entitled Le premier rendez-vous (The First Date) is the work of Brussels artist Oli-B. It was created at the request of the Squares neighbourhood residents’ committee in October 2017. “A Brussels-based artist with a growing reputation, Oli-B had already worked in Flanders, Wallonia and even New York, but not yet in his own city. Now his work has pride of place on the corner of rue du Tocsin and rue Jenneval,” explains Karine Lalieux, alderwoman for culture of the City of Brussels behind Parcours Street Art, which has now been extended to the Squares district. “The residents gave the artist a wonderful welcome. The experience was such a success that I’d be keen to repeat it if another wall becomes available in this neighbourhood,” adds Karine Lalieux.
The work adorns the wall of a house recently acquired by five young homeowners who are big fans of Olivier Binamé, aka Oli-B’s work. Regarding his fresco, the artist explains: “It’s a search for balance between shape and colour. The aim is to create a positive, dreamlike painting. The abstract composition allows viewers to come up with their own interpretations based on their own personal references, cultures and histories”.