Pierre Bolide // 9 Visions of Brussels

Pierre Bolide // 9 Visions of Brussels © Eric Danhier

Pierre Bolide // 9 Visions of Brussels


Pierre Bolide


Rue du Marché aux Poulets | Kiekenmarkt
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


Pierre Bolide is one of the nine winners of the “9 visions” call for projects. Launched in 2018, this call for projects brought together nine artists and focused on a specific theme. The 30 metres of fences, located on the rue du Marché aux Poulets and, in part, surrounding the future administrative centre of the City of Brussels, are the canvas on which the artists have a small space to express themselves on the theme “BXL bouge pour vous, avec vous et grâce à vous” (BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you). The aim is to showcase Brussels as a creative, vibrant city that is constantly evolving – a city that is embracing modernity; a smart city.

Perched on an unknown planet, observing a star on the horizon, the Atomium stands with balls floating into the void; the image is both serene and absurd.
Made of chromed metal in an empty black and white universe, it reflects the colours of the city, like a virtual door to a parallel world, a window from another dimension casting light on to our Brussels. A symbol of Brussels of yesteryear, in this instance, he embodies the role of the ambassador of the Brussels of tomorrow. This allegory, which weaves a link between a distant future and today’s lively and humane Brussels, places the city in a creative and resolutely modern dynamic. The drawing with its refined and sober imagery beckons contemplation and poetic reflection.