Sainer // Mother

Sainer (Etam Cru) // Mother

Sainer // Mother


Boulevard Simon Bolivar | Simon Bolivarlaan
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


This mural, covering an area of 400m², required more than 150 litres of paint and about ten days to complete. It was created against a backdrop of artistic tension about street art in Brussels, as murals showcasing shocking subjects were flourishing across the Capital. For this work, the artist has chosen to depict a subject rarely utilised in Street art: the family. This creation, imbued with softness, represents a mother accompanied by her children in great detail. A restricted palette and chiaroscuro give the mural a very particular atmosphere.

The mother and daughter have their faces covered by darkness, they wear a crown of leaves and flowers on their heads. The little girl, hiding behind her mother, looks at the viewer. Her hands are clasped and a bunch of fruit levitates above her head. She seems to be trying to take care of it, just like her mother is keeping a caring yet watchful eye on her baby. It creates a soft atmosphere that reflects the tenderness that the mother seems to imbue upon her children.