Sestry Feldman & Teresa Sdralevich // Grow in Freedom

Sestry Feldman & Teresa Sdralevich // Grow in Freedom


Rue Haute 290 Hoogstraat
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


1000 Brussel


The mural Grow in Freedom was created by the artists Teresa Sdralevich (Belgium), Mishel and Nicol Feldman (Ukraine) as part of the PARCOURS Street Art and “THE WALL: Murals Across Europe” project implemented by and initiated by the Ukrainian Institute in collaboration with the CHU Saint-Pierre.

The mural Grow in Freedom puts in dialogue images and symbols linked to Belgium and Ukraine:
– the font used in the mural is Abetka, designed by Heorhiy Narbut, a prominent Ukrainian illustrator and designer;
– The two characters in the mural are linked to the Ukrainian tradition and are in the colors of the flag;
– the eye symbolizes the visual vocabulary that allows to overcome the differences of language and cultural origin to enter in dialogue;
– the clouds refer to the Belgian artist René Magritte;
– The poppy and the iris, which symbolize the two countries, are a tribute to the work of aid and cooperation of the CHU Saint-Pierre with the Ukrainian authorities.