Tarik Bouanani

Tarik Bouanani © Tarik Bouanani

Tarik Bouanani


Tarik Bouanani


Place Anneessens | Anneessensplein
1000 Brussels

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Tarik Bouanani is one of the three winners of the call for projects launched by the City of Brussels in July 2018 to decorate three public toilets. This type of project had been launched before and had been very successful. 13PULSIONS, Francois Tusséki and Tarik Bouanani were chosen to decorate a toilet next to the Atomium, on the Boulevard du Centenaire and on the Place Annessens.

For Tarik, the City is an endless source of inspiration. In constant evolution, this infernal machine never stops creating an infinite number of shapes, images and objects. This particular work is composed of elements created by the city, its pathways, passages, buildings and flora. In a similar vein to the town dweller, walker or window shopper, the artist invites the viewer to stroll, to explore the image and to get lost in the work.