Soaz & Zouwi // Me, Them, Us

Soaz & Zouwi // Moi, Elles, Nous © Eric Danhier

Soaz & Zouwi // Me, Them, Us


Soaz, Zouwi


Boulevard du Midi 65 Zuidlaan
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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In focus groups held in 2021, local women spoke of the need to reclaim public space. In response to this need, this mural was created by the artists Zouwi and Soaz in collaboration with La Belle Hip Hop, Bravvo and PARCOURS Street Art and with the support of Hub.Brussels, the STIB and Infrabel.

Artists Soaz and Zouwi drew inspiration from the testimonies of these discussion groups to create this triptych. Through each mural, they evoke intergenerational sisterhood, dreams, escapism by means of education, and the different ways of being “woman”.