Manual MURILLO aka 13PULSIONS is a contemporary artist of Colombian and Italian origin. He trained as a psychologist and combines this profession with his passion for art to create projects for young people with learning difficulties. With regard to his purely artistic career, he initially began as a graffiti artist but also he expresses himself on canvas, textile or design objects and uses acrylic, aerosol and silkscreen printing. His CV is impressive but the artist remains humble. Nevertheless, he has collaborated with major brands such as Lee Cooper, Nike and Volcom. Besides clothing brands, his work can also found on shoes, mugs, record sleeves as well as advertising campaigns and events. His style, which he likes to describe as “magical realism”, lies at the crossroads of graffiti and illustration. Usually armed with a very rich colour palette, 13PULSIONS portrays real or fictional characters and situations from everyday life. His work questions universal themes such as love, appearance and consumerism. 13PULSIONS not only skilled in art and design but also music and rap. In French, Spanish or Italian this artist displays the different facets of his personality, life, inspirations and experiences. Despite the multitude of media and the diversification of his artistic activities, 13PULSIONS still draws inspiration for his projects from the street and the city.