Berrekki is a young visual artist and typographer who graduated from the École supérieure des arts plastiques et visuels de Mons (ESAPV) in 2009. At the end of his studies, and until 2016, he participated in the Recycling collective project, whose aim is to create artistic works from “waste” found in abandoned places. In 2016, Berrekki joined the Lisbon-based typographic collective Burn crew. This collective starts with the written language in order to give new life to forgotten, abandoned places. Places are chosen in a thoughtful way, in order to awaken citizens to the world around them. Berrekki’s practice within the collective lies in questioning the contribution of aesthetic intervention in the urban environment. Based on the feelings and emotions that can be conveyed in each of us, the in-situ typographic work aims to generate a shared thought process. Since 2016, Berrekki has worked in Belgium, France and Portugal.