Dake 25

Dake 25 is a Belgian-Chilean artist who has been active on the graffiti scene since the early 2000s. His journey began on the streets of Valparaiso, Chile. Later on, he turned his attention to advertising on the small screen. Like many, Dake 25 took a few years before taking the plunge and dedicating himself to his full-time passion – painting. The street is where the artist likes to express his creativity but he also paints in smaller formats for galleries. He travelled extensively and settled in Bergen, Norway for four years where he perfected his art through workshops, exhibitions and installations. He draws his inspiration from his origins – Belgium and Chile, blending the French and Spanish language. He brings together these two different cultures, which nevertheless intermingle wonderfully in his works. This multiculturalism, which flows naturally as a result of his past, is presented as an aesthetic and human asset, easily palpable in his projects where Latin American colour shares space with European characteristics, or vice versa!